Buy Local

Buying local produce is good for you, the environment and the local economy. Here you will find some resources to help you source more of your food from producers and suppliers across the region.

Why Buy local?

Locally-grown food tastes better

As the time from field to fork is shorter, locally sourced food is fresher and retains more flavour. It’s also better for you. Locally grown fruit and vegetables contain more nutrients as they are allowed to ripen naturally and are not coated with chemicals to withstand long journeys.

There’s more variety

There’s also a much richer variety of food available locally. In smaller-scale farming, producers can grow and breed a wider variety of options which you might not find at the supermarket.

It’s better for the environment

Eating more local food reduces CO2 emissions by reducing food miles.

It helps your local economy

By buying your food locally, you are keeping money in the region, which helps to support individuals in your own community and create local jobs.